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GPS Real Time Vehicle & Fleet Tracking Recovery uses OBDII Port

The newest GPS Real time vehicle tracking & recovery device the VP400 is ready for sale. This little cube just plugs into the OBDII port on the vehicle and you are tracking instantly. Regular price is $399, same monthly service rates as the VT300 GPS Vehicle Tracking device . Special Intro promo of $349. You can check out the small size of it below.

This is a GPS Real Time Vehicle & Fleet Tracking device which can have you up and running in just a matter of minutes. No installation involved, simply plug into the OBDII port on the vehicle.

Here is a picture of how easy installation is.

There is also one accessory available for the VP400 GPS Real Time Vehicle & Fleet Tracking device for those who want to make the device a little covert. It is a Y Cable. The Y cable connects from the VP400 device to the OBDII port and you can tuck the device underneath the dashboard. Zip tie the device and extra cable out of view from driver.

GPS Real Time Vehicle & Fleet Tracking – VP400 – Details!
Look at all the deluxe features it comes with below:

    Set idle-time alerts (coming soon April)
    Set polygonal GeoFence
    Just plug into the OBDII port and start tracking (all antennas are internal)
    Set speed alerts
    Set GeoFence alerts
    Set off hours alerts
    Set stop alerts
    Set acceleration/deceleration alerts (coming soon April)
    Set RPM alerts (coming soon April)

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