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OBDII Port GPS Tracker for Buy Here Pay Here Auto Dealers

We have a new device for buy here pay here auto dealers called the Cube. This device plugs right into the OBDII port for ease of installation. An additional Y-cable allows you to place the Cube up under the dash for an even more covert option. If the unit is tampered with you would receive an alert to your cell phone or other device.
Cube Real Time OBDII Port GPS Tracker
Here are More Features and Benefits of the Cube – Buy Here Pay Here GPS Device

Daily Location Report

The Cube GPS device will automatically report vehicle location once per day. This location update is stored in the vehicle history and does not deduct locates from a user’s account.

Stop Report

The Cube monitors all stops made by a vehicle during a given time period. This information is collected in a report which can be downloaded and printed by users through our website.


Patented trakSMSx feature allows users to communicate directly with their GPS unit using the text message function of any cell phone. Users receive the immediate address, speed and direction the unit is heading and are able to send additional commands to lock/unlock doors and disable/enable the starter.

Warning Buzzer

Warning buzzer feature automatically alerts buyers within their vehicle that a payment is due soon. If the alert is ignored and payment is not made, the car can be disabled until the dealer determines to reset. This ensures prompt payments. (Optional Feature)

Real-Time Alerts and Notifications

Customizable alerts set by the user allow users to receive a text message and/or e-mail notifying them when the unit is in motion, if it has left one of the six customizable geo-fences (which are invisible boundaries set by the user).

State-of-the-Art Mapping and Imaging

The Cube uses Google Earth to show unit location information in road map, aerial, hybrid (which is the aerial and road map views combined)

Starter Enable/Disable

Owners can send a command to prevent the vehicle from being started at any time. This allows owners to regain control of their vehicle and prevent damage from happening. The vehicle will not disable while in motion.

On-Demand Locating

This feature allows owners at any time to quickly and easily locate their vehicle by simply logging on to the website and pressing the ‘Locate’ button.
OBDII Wiring Harness

This option allows users to perform a simple and fast install. By plugging the device wiring harness into the OBDII port on most of today’s vehicles, this harness ‘clones’ the factory port.

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PT-X5 Live GPS Personal and Vehicle Tracking Device

When I first saw this device I was quite amazed to think that here was a tracking device that you could essentially see people or any type of vehicle (car, motorcycle, watercraft, ATV) move like you would on a video game screen. How awesome is that. I started thinking of all the incredible uses I could put this on a grandparent so they couldn’t wonder off and get lost. A teenager that you wanted to monitor. This was a device that you could literally like in a James Bond movie place underneath a car and track it – you would receive a location update every 10 seconds. You could place it on a motorcycle, watercraft, ATV the applications are pretty much endless.

Look again – This is NOT your typical GPS Tracking device. Tracking technology has changed at the most fundamental of levels.

In a word, the technology has evolved. Introducing the USFT PT-X5 : Truly LIVE tracking, updating every 10 seconds for up to 10 days on a single battery charge.

With the USFT PT-X5, you can watch in REAL TIME as the person walks or drives. Every move is recorded, so you can play it back up to 90 days later.

This is NOT a ping-based product, and there are NO 2-minute updates. In fact, it’s not even a 1-minute update. It’s truly LIVE.

Here are some more of the awesome features of the PT-X5 Live GPS Personal & Vehicle Tracking Device:

  • NO external antenna.
  • Internal rechargeable Li-Ion battery for up to 10 Days of 10s updates!
  • Web-based tracking – no software to install – accessible from anywhere.
  • Virtual Fence and Speed Alert notifications by email or text message.
  • Internal motion sensor extends battery life!
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