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We have a couple new videos concerning our GPS vehicle tracking products and system devices. Including car and auto tracker real time tracking devices and our attention to service.

This first video here discusses our attention to servicing your GPS tracking needs.

This next short video describes our various GPS products and their specific applications.

GPS Videos- Why We’re Different & About Our Products

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Bullet New Buy Here Pay Here GPS Vehicle Tracking Device

Introducing The Bullet – The Newest and Fastest GPS Tracking and Recovery Real Time Device.
The Bullet is very easy to install and is the perfect device for Buy Here Pay Here Used Car Dealers. And there is no monthly monitoring fee associated with The Bullet.

Here are just some of the many benefits associated with The Bullet.

  1. Fastest Way to Recover Your Collateral
  2. Fastest Shipping Turnaround Times to Anywhere in the United States
  3. Fastest, Most User Friendly Network Infrastructure
  4. Fastest Responding Customer Service
  5. Fastest Locating Device

You may find cheaper products but none that will provide you the long term value of The Bullet.

The Bullet provides you the following features and benefits you’re not going to find in the typical outdated, older bargain basement technology.

  • Newer Antenna technology – for more reliable and accurate locating, and improved range which gives you the ability to find your asset, while cheaper units may still be searching.
  • Seven Day No-Movement Alert – this valuable feature is not found anywhere else and can be quite valuable at preventing someone from trying to skip or hide your valuable asset.
  • Free once a day locate – this feature is not found in most of the lesser units on the market.
  • The Fastest, Most Reliable User Friendly Network Infrastructure – The ability to locate your vehicle is only as good as the software and network infrastructure behind the product.
  • Road, Aerial and Bird’s eye Mapping Views – Cheaper older models don’t provide you all of these views making recovering your vehicle a harder more risky proposition.
  • Patented trakSMS™ feature allows users to communicate directly with their GPS unit using the text message function of any cell phone. This exclusive feature is not found in cheaper model GPS devices.

At the end of the day The Bullet provides you many more features and benefits not available in the typical outdated, older bargain basement technology GPS Units. Making The Bullet in our opinion the best buy for the money.

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