GPS Auto Locator Recovery Device for Buy Here Pay Here Dealers

With the current state of the economy used car sales have been greatly increasing as new car sales continue to decline.

As a result more and more used car dealerships are springing up everywhere. Many of these dealerships do their own financing – “buy here pay here” is the expression. Of course these dealers are looking to protect their investment, as some of the people they sell to are not the most credit worthy and may try to skip out without paying.

Of course you can’t repossess (repo) a car if you can’t locate it. That is where a real time GPS vehicle tracking – locating system can easily help locate a vehicle if the buyer stops paying.

Here is why are we the best option for the buy here pay here car lot to ensure their vehicles are recovered!

We Have Two Units which are Perfect for Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealers.

Our first unit is state of the art at a very competitive price and it comes with no monthly monitoring charges.

Look at all the benefits that come standard with our TR300 unit:

* Track where a vehicle stops for 30-days
* Tracks all stops 30 minutes or longer
* Makes vehicle repossession easier

Comes with a Persistent Monitoring Dashboard™

* Displays status on all newly installed units
* Reports its status 24 hours after install, weekly during the first month and every month thereafter
* No additional cost to dealer

Starter Interrupt & Payment Reminder (This is a huge benefit as it gives the buyer a real incentive to pay if they can’t drive the car.)

* Dealers can activate when a customer is past due
* Starter Interrupt: Disable the vehicle starter
* Payment reminder: Unit will emit 3 audible alarms when ignition is started

Internal Battery

* Operates for up to 6 hours on main battery disconnect
* Alerts on battery disconnect
* Alerted if battery voltage drops
* Unit will not drain vehicles’ battery

Lowest Cost Service Plan Included

* 3 year plan included
* Includes 200 pooled locates
* Locates remain as long as the account
* Auto Locate
* Scheduler
* Reporting capabilities


* View the last 50 historical stops over 30 minutes, plus 2 weeks of ongoing stops more than 30 minutes
* Available in the US only

Sub Accounts

* Provides limited access for repo via sub-accounts

Our Second Buy Here Pay Here Option is The Cube OBDII Port Device – This is a true plugin device preferred for its ease of installation. Click Here for More Details.

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